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In-Flight Wi-Fi: What to Expect During Your Business Travel

In-flight WiFi: The final frontier of convenient connectivity - Telecom  Review

Now available on most Gogo equipped flights is a “messaging pass” that provides travelers with minimal inflight Wi-Fi that is needed tocontinue conversations via apps like iMessage, Skype, etc. and utilize basic mobile web browsing. This low-bandwidth solution is perfect for the busienss travel that wants to complete a little work during travel as opposed to catch up on their Netflix cue. Because it is a low bandwidth, it’s offered at the bargain price of approximately $3 per flight.***Being connected to the world is possible both on the ground and in the sky thanks to the increasing availability of in-flight Wi-Fi.Internet connectivity while in the air is now becoming an expectation rather than the unexpected surprise it was just two or three years ago, especially for those conducting business travel.CorpTrav breaks down what you can expect when it comes to your Wi-Fi experience on the major U.S. airlines:Alaska Airlines – Available only on certain aircrafts, Alaska Airline’s in-flight internet provider is Gogo. Passengers can purchase an unlimited monthly pass that can be used on all Gogo equipped airlines for $59.95/month, or various hourly and daily rates found here. Allegiant Air – It’s no surprise that this no-frills airline has the same concept when it comes to their in-flight Wi-Fi availability. Internet connectivity is not currently available on any Allegiant flights. American Airlines – Domestic Wi-Fi is currently available on almost every single aircraft in American Airline’s fleet. Gogo is also the internet provider for this airline with similar price points, although travelers can purchase The Airline Unlimited at $49.95, which is a monthly subscription for unlimited internet on AA/US Airways flights only.Delta Air Lines – Delta is another airline that has in-flight Wi-Fi powered by Gogo. The Airline Unlimited internet pass is also available for all Delta aircrafts that have in-flight Wi-Fi at $49.95 per month. Frontier Airlines – This budget carrier is in the process of implementing a more widely available in-flight Wi-Fi system, but currently in-flight internet connectivity (also powered by Gogo) is confined to its Embraer 190 aircraft, so be mindful of flying Frontier if you require internet access during your travel. Hawaiian Airlines – While they may be known for their Aloha Spirit, this airline does not currently provide in-flight Wi-Fi for its passengers. JetBlue – While not available on every plane, JetBlue provides basic internet connection at no additional charge for its passengers on all A320 and A321 aircrafts, and progressively across all E190 aircrafts. Southwest Airlines – Although a few planes here and there may lack it, in-flight Wi-Fi is progressively available across nearly the entire Southwest fleet. The internet connectivity is provided by Row44 and comes at a sensible $8 per day, per device. Keep in mind that your “unlimited airlines” monthly subscription from Gogo will not apply here. Spirit Airlines – Again, as expected for a no-frills airline like Allegiant Air, Spirit Airlines does not currently have in-flight Wi-Fi capabilities. United Airlines – Chances are that if you’re flying United, your aircraft will have in-flight internet connectivity as most of United Airline’s fleet is equipped with this capability. This airline is also powered by Gogo, with the same aforementioned prices and time-frames available. Virgin America – The entirety of Virgin America’s domestic fleet is quipped by Gogo with in-flight Wi-Fi capabilities for its passengers, with the same fee structures listed above.Are you looking forward to the eventual rollout of complete Wi-Fi availability in the sky? Comment below or tweet us to share your thoughts on how it will or will not affect your corporate travel!Topics: Travel Tips, Travel Fun

Source: In-Flight Wi-Fi: What to Expect During Your Business Travel

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